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Membership Application

Membership runs for the calendar year.  In order to ensure membership to the state organization your completed application should be returned along with your dues by January 31st of each year.  Membership is $40/year.

Any application received after December 1st will be applied to the following year.


We now offer options for membership applications:

  1. You may click here to download an application for printing and mailing; or

  2. You may complete the on-line application by clicking the button below and pay by credit card or mail in a check.  A link to Pay by Credit Card/Invoice for Payment will be included in your confirmation email after on-line submission.

Types of Membership:

  • Active - Restricted to public officials actively engaged in an official capacity within NYS in any governmental department or bureau engaged in the enforcement administration or formulation of laws or ordinances relating to buildings and other structures.

  • Retired Active - limited to those formerly Active Members who have retired (reduced membership is $25/year).

  • Associate - For active members who are no longer eligible for active membership and public officials other than building officials.

  • Honorary - Conferred upon individuals of distinction who have rendered outstanding services to the Chapter (membership fee is waived).

  • Participating - Principally includes representatives of manufacturers, contractors, financial institutions, insurance companies and other persons or firms similarly engaged in the building industry.

  • Cooperating - Architects, engineers and representatives of nonprofit technical and professional organizations who are interested in building codes and building construction standards.

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