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Scholarships & Certifications


The Certification Committee of NYSBOC offers several certification levels based on your relative degree of competence in the field of Code Enforcement.  Review and certification is available to all active members.  There is no fee for certification.

Click the link above for more information and to download a certification application.


The International Code Council (ICC) offers a number of certifications through examinations.  Please click on the link below to be taken to the ICC website for more information and to download applications.


Chapter members who are members of the State Organization (chapter members in good standing by January 31st of each year) are eligible for a number of Scholarships including the Murray Crandall Memorial Scholarship, the Kevin Shea Achievement Award and the Code Officials Achievement Award.

Click on the link to visit the NYSBOC site for more information and to download an application.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the scholarship is to provide tuition assistance to a member, or to a member of his or her immediate family (spouse or dependent child), who is a member of the Capital District Chapter of the New York State Building Officials Conference, Inc.


AWARD BENEFITS: Recipients will be awarded an amount to be determined after a review by the Capital District Chapter Scholarship Committee.

  • The amount awarded may not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per year, per applicant.

  • At no time shall the amount awarded exceed the expenses incurred by the applicant.


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT: Applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be scholastically responsible with a grade point average of “C” or better at the time of the application;

  2. Submit a completed application, along with

    1. an official transcript (if applicable) of course(s) taken to date;

    2. a personal letter of reference;

    3. an essay 200 words or more in length describing what your long-term goals are and how you hope to achieve them;

    4. proof of membership (sponsor’s membership) in the Capital District Chapter of the New York State Building Officials Conference, Ins. of at least two years. This membership must be in current good standing; and

    5. a description of curriculum, courses to be taken.


ADMINISTRATION: Requests must be made by July 15th – to be considered for the Fall semester. Recipients will be notified as soon as possible as to the status of his or her application.


Where funds are granted for a non-matriculated course of study to be taken, disbursements of the funds will not be made until an official copy of the learning institutions’ transcript is received verifying a grade point of “C” or better, and an invoice reflecting all costs incurred is submitted to the Scholarship Committee.


Recipients may have their name and photo released to the press by the Education Committee of the Capital District Chapter of the New York State Building Officials Conference, Inc.

All applications are to be submitted on-line and supporting documents uploaded.  You may save and continue your application before submission.

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